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The MegaMud Compendium

Welcome to the MegaMud Compendium. This is a section of the site which is currently being worked on, and isn't to comprehensive yet. Once completed, it will answer just about every question which comes up about MegaMud. As I am asked unusual or common questions, I will add the question and answer to this section. Also, there will be tutorials in using various parts of MegaMud, and anything else I feel is appropriate. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or additions, please feel free to contact me at


So, what is MegaMud I hear you cry? MegaMud is a great terminal program written by Merlin, for the multi player BBs game called MajorMUD: Realm of Legends (More information about MajorMUD can be found at MudCentral). MegaMud has many features which make playing MajorMUD easier and more convenient, including:

  • Automatic moving to and from locations.
  • Automatic attacking of monsters.
  • Automatic collection of items and cash.
  • Customisable messages and responces.
  • Great looping abilities, allowing you to gain large amounts of EXP automatically.
  • Exp table calculator.
  • Statistical analysis of your character.
  • Conversations, online players, player statistics, time analysis and session stats windows.
  • And many more....

If you want to see a screenshot of MegaMud in action, click here (1024x768, 66k).

If you want to download a copy of MegaMud for a 14 day non-crippled trial, simply click on the Download button in the NavBar. MegaMud costs $45 US to register once your trial period is over, and it is well worth it in my opinion. If you want to register now, click here, and order it online at GamePort.

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