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Q: How do I script multiple characters together in a neutral area (ie rhudaur, shadowfist temple, duergars, small pyramid, etc)?


To fight in non-hostile monster areas most effectively using megamud and parties you can not use auto-combat or auto-healing on the followers. As most people have discovered this results in some party members resting while others attack. Below are a list of the modifications that need to be made to for both the leader and following characters. This will work in all "non-hostile areas" including Rhudaur, Shadowfist Temple, Duergars, Rakshashas, and Small Pyramid.



The followers need a couple of messages set up in game data to facilitate combat and healing.

This is your combat message. Insert one of the messages below with a unique name. Where {leadername} gets replaced by the actual character name. Attack can be replaced with BS or with a spell... note that you will not rest mana so spells might not be the wisest option.

Name: attack monster (duergars) Use: This character only
Message: {Leadername} moves to attack
Response: attack war^M
Options: Find anywhere in text

Name: attack monster (all neutral areas) Use: This character only
Message: {Leadername} moves to attack {target}
Respond: attack {target}

This is your healing message. Insert it with a unique name.

Name: heal/rest when leader rests (all neutral areas) Use: This character only
Message: {Leadername} stops to rest
Response (for healers): mahe^Mrest^M
Response (for others): rest^M
Options: Find anywhere in text

This is an optional healing message for healing classes in the duergars. If used insert it with a unique name.
Name: cure poison when necessary (duergars)
Use: This character only
Message: too sick to rest
Response: cure^Mrest^M
Options: Find anywhere in text

and that is it... It may seem like a lot of steps but this has been refined using a Level 50 Warrior, Level 45 Paladin, Level 23 Priest, Level 21 Bard, Level 16 Mage and a Level 16 Priest. The technique has been tested in Rhudaur, Shadowfist temple and the Duergars.

Submitted by: Psychoknight (check out his website at

Q: How do I add paths when I get the 'Can't open file "."' message?


Sometimes, when adding a new path, users encounter an error message along the lines of 'Can't open file "."', and the path doesn't get added. I am providing a way around this because Merlin doesn't know what causes this, however, if you know another way around it, or a way to fix it, PLEASE email it to me here.

Here's the steps you need to take:

1) Copy the .MP file you want to add to your /MEGAMUD/CHARS/ALL directory.
2) Open MegaMud, and go to Game Data -> Paths.
3) Click the 'Scan' button (in the middle-right of the window).
4) Click OK on the Game Data window, and the path should've been added.

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