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Last updated 4th of January, 2006

Welcome to MegaMud Online, the official MegaMud website. With over 400,000 hits, providing the best source of MegaMud information and paths on the world wide web. Now serving from!

Current MegaMud / MajorMud News:

MegaMud v1.03s is out.
       - Posted on 8/12/01 at 2.00pm
Well, MegaMud v1.03s is finally out. Sorry I have taken so long to put in online on this website, but I've been out of town for two weeks, so it's been pretty hard to update :) And it would have to come out three days after I leave wouldn't it grumble grumble :) Anyway, if you haven't already gotten hold of a copy, download it here. Or, if you want to view the release notes, take a peek here. On a similar note, sorry this site has been displaying a broken link to 1.03s for a while, I was testing something before I went away, and then ended up locked out of my FTP for a few days so I couldn't fix it... and then had to go away before I could.
A lot of people have been sending me questions about getting module 9 paths - at the moment, I don't have any, but if anyone makes some, could they please send me a copy at, so I can share them with the world through this site. Anyway, I will update again as soon as I have something new to report, or some mod9 paths to share.
MegaMud v1.03s Beta Release Notes.
       - Posted on 30/10/01 at 3.30pm
A quick update to post the release notes from what will almost certainly be the last 1.03s beta (#5). If you want to take a look, please click here, and keep checking back for a release.
On the hosting side of things, I've queued up some hosting with Allied Web Products, and if you're reading this now the changeover should be complete. I had to make a few minor changes to the page, so if you find any glitches, please let me know here.
MegaMud v1.03s in beta.
       - Posted on 26/10/01 at 11.30pm
Well, it's been a loooong time. Sorry I haven't been updating with paths and such like I used to, but MegaMud is not a top priority at the moment (got to much to worry about with school and work). However, I will still be updating with MegaMud news, so you can still rely on MegaMud Online for the latest on updates, betas, releases, etc.
On that topic, MegaMud v1.03s is very close to release - it's in final beta stages now. It includes a couple of new features, a fair few bug fixes, and support for module 9. I should have release notes online in a few days (if not the final release), so keep checking back.
On another note, I am changing hosts, so the site may be patchy in the next week or two - but never fear, it will always come back. Also, anyone who has bookmarked, make sure you change it to I would also like to say thanks to Chris and everyone else at ChoiceNet1 for their years of hosting, this site wouldn't have been possible without it - so thankyou all very much :)
Paths, and not much else :(
       - Posted on 17/03/01 at 10.00pm
Hello all, sorry it's been so long between updates, I've hella-busy, and unfortunately there hasn't been any new MegaMud news to report. I haven't heard from Merlin in months despite repeated emails, so I can't tell you all anything new - we'll just have to hope he turns up soon.
I have got some new paths and requests to post though, so here they are. Firstly, there's a nifty path from the cave worm area to the tentacled abominations loop (a path MegaMud has always lacked), thanks to Demonic. Next, there's a path to and from the deeds shop, thanks to Nayr. Thirdly, a loop for the auto-regen caveworm, thanks to Spence. Fourth, Tom's sent in an alternative to using auto-roam for the slime beast - some paths to get to/from it and a loop. Phil has sent in a loop for the Massive Web (fulfilling a request) - thanks Phil. Finally, there's a second set of stealth quest paths (from Black-Eye), which are useful in case the ones in the Module 8 bundle don't work for you, or you just want the stealth quest paths without the rest of the Mod8 ones. Once again, many thanks to those that submitted paths, and if you want to grab any of these, click here.
I've got two new requests - one for a graveyard loop which digs up graves on it's way, and secondly, a more efficient loop to open the tomb vault in the marble passages. If you have either of these paths, or any other paths you want to submit, please send them to me here. Also, a quick thanks to Chris, who pointed out a problem with one of my slums paths (which is now corrected).
That's about it unfortunately, I'll make sure to update as soon as I know anything more about the progress of MegaMud.

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