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MegaMud Online message board.

MegaMud Online now has a forum! I would like to send a BIG thankyou out to Shannon and the team at MudCentral for hosting and setting up this forum, it's been great!

The MegaMud Online forum is designed for discussion on MegaMud in general, bugs, problems, suggestions and also scripting questions related to MegaMud. It currently only has one forum-op (your truly), but I will add one or two more as time goes on. These will be picked on their helpfulness, knowledge and general conduct. The following things are not allowed:

  • Flames - if you don't like someones opinion, say so in a nice way, don't flame them.
  • BBs Ads - if you want to advertise a BBs, do it in a general MajorMud forum.
  • Links/questions about cracking/pirating MegaMud - will be deleted on sight, repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Excess profanity - no profanity in message topics or poster names, and while some will be tolerated in message bodies, don't use it unnecessarily.
  • Offtopic posts - MajorMud-related offtopic posts will be tolerated to an exent, but any posts relating to warez, porn, or non-MajorMud/MegaMud issues will be deleted.

Enjoy your stay in the forum, and with no futher ado, follow this link to go to the forum proper:

MegaMud Online forum!

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