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Contact E-Mail addresses.

Please direct any questions, comments, suggestions, submissions, flames etc. about this site to Spawn with the subject 'MegaMud Online'.

Any bugs, problems etc to do with MegaMud should be submitted to either the MegaMud mailing list (see below), the MajorNet MegaMud forum, or a web-based forum like the MegaMud Online forum. Remember to include the following things in your message

  • The version you are running
  • The circumstances of the bug/problem
  • Any other info you might have on it

Do NOT email Merlin about MegaMud, he is no longer accepting e-mails from the general public, due to the HUGE volume of mail he was receiving.

MegaMud costs $45 US to register (and it's well worth it, in my opinion). If you wish to register, and support Merlin in his efforts to bring us the BEST MajorMud terminal around, click here to visit GamePort, an online ordering system for MegaMud.

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